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At Nevada Personal Care Services, you're in control.
As people age, they're forced to give up more and more control of their lives.  In-home care keeps you in control in familiar surroundings. Most people prefer to live in their own homes. Wouldn't you?
You choose the time/days your aide comes!
You choose the aide!
You always have the option to change caregivers!
  • You choose how much help you want. From a few hours a week, to around-the-clock care. We're flexible. We can work around doctors' appointments, work schedules and sleep patterns.
  • You have the option to assign a friend, relative, or individual of your choosing (but not a spouse) to provide care. In some cases we can bill Medicaid or Long-Term care insurance.
  • Most people love their caregivers, but once in a while there's friction. If you're not getting along with your aide, just call us and we'll arrange for another to provide care. We want you to be satisfied with your care and your caregiver.
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